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If have red blood cells on face, what beauty device should we use ?

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Author : Wendy Zhang
Update time : 2020-12-28 11:03:30
Red blood is a particularly annoying skin problem that is not painful or itchy on the face, but is a real eyesore.

Even if use cosmetic, it's also hard to cover it, meantime the place of red blood is very sensitive, can have prickle painful feeling.

Why happens red blood cells ?

The appearance of red blood cell is mainly due to the connection of arteries and veins small blood vessels in the dermis blood capillary malfunctioned, originally and has function of expansion and contraction of capillaries sudden contraction skills herself to forget, cause the capillaries constantly, so that from the epidermal layer above can all see it - so red blood silk.Very few people are born with red blood silk. Most red blood silk comes later. For example, Long exposure without protection to dry air and strong ultraviolet rays, as well as the stimulation of the high temperature of field work, will make the capillaries long-term expansion or even rupture, resulting in the purple face. Chronic or local inflammation.Chronic low-intensity inflammation can cause capillaries to lose their ability to contract, leading to the appearance of red blood.

Then If we have red blood cells on face, what kind of beauty device we should use ?

Here we recommend you Ascend RF new Beauty Instrument RFM-082, it's multi-function Anti-Aging Protecting Skin Beauty Device. It like Albin Health Water can be atomized to the micron level using electric pneumatic technology that can reach directly into the dermis to slow and contract the capillaries. But if apply with the hand, basically only the dermis that can enter skin very little is absorbed by capillaries.

This Device mainly has RF radiofrequency function, which can activate collagen.This increases the thickness and elasticity of the epidermis, which makes the red blood less visible. The Beauty device also has the function of channeling the effective components of the constricting and soothing capillaries to the dermis where the capillaries are located.Let capillary restore stability as soon as possible.

How to learn more details about this device, please  access to our website.www. and search model. RFM-082.

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