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Intelligent to be the trend of Home Beauty industry

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Author : Sophia Chang
Update time : 2020-12-28 10:02:49
Smart home beauty tools with intelligent hardware and platform services to open up the vast blue sea market, become the trend of the industry.
Quality requirements are improved, and the lack of follow-up services for traditional beauty appliances has become a pain point for "home consumption"

It is predicted that the beauty industry will become the hottest industry in the 21st century.According to okun's law, GDP (gross domestic product (GDP) growth 1%, the number of beauty is increased by 0.08%, experts predict that China's economic growth over the next 20 years will not less than 6%, honorary President of the national development research institute of Peking University, a former world bank vice President Justin yifu Lin even think that China's economy in 2028, there are still 8% a year growth potential, even by the most conservative 6%, the beauty of annual demand growth is also a quite huge data.In this huge emerging market, the "residential demand" and "low time cost" household market will be a representative new huge potential market with development potential.

Personal beauty equipment from the principle of work, there are mainly sonic vibration cleaning/massage/auxiliary absorption, ultrasonic beauty, photon beauty, RF radiofrequency beauty, EMS electric stimulation massage and so on.Enter the word "beauty instrument" in a certain treasure to search, there are a large number of brands with various prices and functions. The products range from face evaporator, facial cleanser to spray instrument, ion import and export, electronic beauty tools, etc. With the help of overseas purchasing agents and cross-border e-commerce, overseas beauty instrument brands can also enter the Domestic market.In the process of beauty equipment into ordinary people's homes, the demand is increasing, the quality requirements are constantly improving, the pain point of the industry is also more and more consumers and industry attention.

The design of some beauty apparatus is relatively simple and easy to use, such as facial steamer, facial cleansing device, but the function is relatively simple;Some products are more complex, you need to carefully look at the instructions to use, and sometimes even look at the instructions, may not be able to fully understand.Because all kinds of cosmetic beauty apparatus are professional equipment derived from the fields of medicine, chemistry, electricity, optics, etc., their product attributes determine that users are in great need of continuous and follow-up services of various professional knowledge counseling, cosmetic knowledge consultation, operation and use method advice after purchase.In fact, the personal beauty care instruments sold in the market at present are basically traditional electronic beauty products. For simple functional products such as electric toothbrush and electric facial cleanser, consumers can directly use them at home.But for some beauty instrument products, ordinary consumers to notice, use method, auxiliary equipment is not understand, even if the product to buy not correct use, might be at home, no effective guidance and services, this process also spent a lot of time consumer costs, this is the biggest pain points to the current household electronic beauty equipment industry.

Where there is demand, there is innovation, which is the eternal logic of the free market.
Smart home beauty care equipment combining intelligent hardware and follow-up service to bring consumers' housing consumption of new experience, make its never leave home can enjoy professional high-grade hardware use effect and get expert products use guidance and customized beauty plan, realize the real moving beauty salon the effect of the home.It can be said that intelligence is bound to become the new trend of personal care  beauty industry.

For manufacturers, We can help our dealers and consumers how to use beauty apparatus in various forms, such as online video, APP and blog forum. Of course, APP also can automatically absorb users, promote the sales of smart beauty hardware, and smart hardware continuously feeds back users' accurate information to improve users' stickiness and loyalty.For third-party beauty salons, plastic surgery hospitals, expert consultants and so on that participate in the operation of the platform, the potential customer resources contain huge commercial value. 
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