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How many days have you been at home ?

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Author : Wendy Zhang
Update time : 2020-12-02 13:18:00

"How many days have you been at home?"

-Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends 2021
After the outbreak of the Covid-19 Epidemic have been rapid growth of two industries, beauty tools and Personal Skin Care Industry, E-commerce online sellers development. As we all know, online Retailer Amazon company have made great progress in 2020, currently consumer electronic, home appliances, personal care and beauty tools are very popular online.
Most of women stayed to take care of their children, families and homeworking during the Epidemic, With the introduction of the vaccine,we believe they will return to office soon.Personal care per person expenditure in developed countries is very high like as United kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia, Japan, South Korea and so on. However, Many Beauty Salon will be closed, they don't even know when will be able to reopen.The Epidemic has affected their work earnings in every walk of life, even most of them have no money and wont go to Beauty Salon, Hair Salon and SPA instead of doing it herself beauty At-home. The pursuit of beauty is everyone's right and also full of hope for life. As professional beauty tools manufacturer Ascend smart Adhere to believe that, though this outbreak will have a huge impact on many industries and in everybodys mind.
The rapid development of self-media industry will also accelerate the upgrade development of beauty tools industry, which stimulate demand of portable and smart Hair Styling Tools for women, personalized Hairstyles out-of-home occasions, Skin care, beauty apparatus for ladies.
For unmarried lady or maiden, they also pay more attention to their physical beauty through similar face shape and hair texture imitate with their idol. At-Home DIY (Do it yourself) Beauty is becoming current fashion trends among the New Younger Generation.It had proved throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Post-Epidemic Era, the personal care and beauty industry will have rapid growth.
 We are looking forward to the day when the epidemic is over and you can greet the beauty of life with a new attitude, When you go out of home someday, share your experience with friends and family in an extraordinary 2020. Show your beauty and changes to them.

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